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No. 1 Body Wraps

organic seaweed leaf wrap

90 Minutes   |  €145

Unlike any other seaweed treatment, this truly amazing detoxifying therapy uses real organic seaweed leaves to scrub & wrap your body. Beginning with a bladder wrack body buff, this detoxifie s, firms & softens the skin and is excellent in conjunction with a weight loss program. The whole body is then covered in Laminaria Seaweed for instant results. Completed with an application of ‘Softly Does It’ to nourish & soften the entire body.


organic spiced mud wrap

60 Minutes   |  €125

Seaweed is taken fresh from the ocean and its purifying elements, including potent antioxidants and minerals are encapsulated in this wrap. Infused with aromatic spices of ginger and orange to revive the senses, this wrap has immediate and noticeable effects on the skin, including firming and toning, it is also a serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulator and a natural anti-ageing boost. This treatment is a must for the results-conscious client.


organic tangle me up wrap

60 Minutes   |  €125

This hydrates and relaxes tired and lethargic muscles, relieving stress and fatigue. This treatment includes full body brushing to increase circulation and to aid penetration of the potent seaweed gel, while the wraps antioxidant compounds help to protect against environmental cell damage. Skin will be toned and firmed & the signs of ageing and cellulite will be visibly reduced.

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