herbal cocoon

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The herbal basin above the oven, contains fresh herbs in a water bath. Essences are slowly released from the herbs and the pleasant fragrance fills the room ready for you to inhale & absorb.

Recommended Time: 10 – 20 Mins
Temperature: 40°c – 45°c
Humidity: 60% – 65%

effects on body & mind

This is a gentle and relaxing treatment that almost anyone can enjoy. It has a mild temperature and average humidity.

The moisture content in connection with the fresh plant and herbal formulas in the herbal bath can have a positive effect on your body and can help restore and maintain the body’s natural well being and provide the healthful benefits of nature.

This room is ideal for someone who does not like a very hot room. It also helps to relieve congestion in the lungs and help clear the nasal passages.

Please note

During pregnancy the full use of our Spa Thermal Suite is not recommended, however you are always welcome to relax in The Snooze Room or soak your feet in our Sole Pool Foot Baths.

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