finnish style sauna

Enjoy the special infusion experience during the sauna. While water poured slowly into the stones on the oven, the humidity increases and your sauna experience will be more intensified.

Time: 10 – 20 Mins
Temperature: 80°c – 95°c

Effects On Body & Mind

Sweating and relaxing in the intense and penetrating heat of the traditional Finnish sauna. During the sauna the temperature inside your body increases steadily, and stimulates different bodily processes.

Having a sauna regularly can have an extremely favourable effect on body and mind. It can support processes like muscle relaxation, improvement of the blood circulation and immune system functioning, lymph detoxification and the release of stress and tension.

This room is ideal for use before a Massage Treatment as it helps to penetrate and heat up the muscles in the body, helping the therapist to spend more time working on your areas of concern.

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