aroma steam


The Steam Room us a great way to unwind and relieve stress. The heat encourages your muscles to relax, and the cloud of steam surrounding you provides for the perfect soothing atmosphere for calming your mind. These beneficial effects are supported by the power of aroma essences. The natural essential oils influence body and mind, and helps soothe and relax.

Time: 10 – 20 Mins
Temperature: 45°c – 50°c
Humidity: 100%

Effects On Body & Mind

The steam produces a similar thermal effect on the body as a sauna and is equally beneficial. Having a steam regularly can have an extremely favourable value for your body and mind.

It can help support physical processes like muscle relaxation, improve your immune system functioning, blood circulation and lymph detoxification.

The moist heat stimulates skin metabolism and helps cleansing the skin intensively, opening the pores, removing dead skin and impurities and leaving the skin feeling soft, clean and silky smooth.

The high moisture content in the aroma steam also is supportive for the respiratory system. Breathing passages are soothed because of increased moisture content in your airways.

This room is ideal for use before having a Facial Treatment as it helps to open up the pores.

Please note

During pregnancy the full use of our Spa Thermal Suite is not recommended, however you are always welcome to relax in The Snooze Room or soak your feet in our Sole Pool Foot Baths.

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