A Culinary Trip Around Europe

So in thinking about how we could do something different with our #drivebydining offering, something that shares our love of food and of Limerick with you. The format of that offering is to allow you to join us on a food tour around Europe. The tour will visit regions and cities we have visited before and one we will visit when we get to these leave these shores again.

In each of these destinations , we feel we can make tangible links with Limerick in terms of spirit, culture, food. Areas that like Limerick maybe more unheralded but yet still provide a fantastic offering to those who visit. Something we can strive for as a food community. Over the course of the next few months we’ll visit the Basque region via Bilbao, Puglia in Italy via Bari and Slovenia via Ljubljana.

Menus are €35pp and phone bookings to (061) 402 402 which opens the Tuesday of each week.

Week 2


Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd April 2021

We visit Ljubljana in Slovenia for our second trip to Europe for our #drivebydining offering where the cooking of Anna Ros at Hisa Franko has put Slovenian food on the culinary map. It’s a melting pot of influences from Austria, Hungary, Italy and the Balkans and all these influences make an appearance on the menu.

In researching this menu, we chatted to Liam & Sinead Cabot from Cabot Wines who were out in Slovenia at the time at their vineyard and we’re really excited to be able to offer a wine flight of their Slovenian wines. As ever we are using plenty of local and Irish ingredient to create this Slovenian experience and its great to be able to add an Irish dimension to the wine too.

We’re really excited about this virtual trip and cant wait for you to join us.



Fresh Cheese, Pumpkin Seed Oil & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

To Start

Buckwheat Risotto, Rigney’s Black Pudding, Pickled Turnip, Crispy Onions
Cured Goatsbridge Trout, Potato & Beet Salad, Whey & Mint Sauce
Vegetarian Option
Fermented Buckwheat Risotto, Crispy Poached Egg, Pickled Turnip, Crispy Onions

Carrying On

Bograc – Stew of Beef, Venison, Pork, Paprika, Onion & Potato
Ricet – Stew of Chicken, Cured Bacon, Mushrooms, Pinto Beans & Barley
Vegetarian Option
Ricet – Stew of Root Vegetables, Pinto Beans, Barley & Sauerkraut


Apple, Cinnamon, Raisin & Hazelnut Strudel, Burnt Apple Sauce & Sour Cream





Sinéad and Liam Cabot from Cabot & Co. have been growing grapes and making wine at the Roka estate in Slovenia for six years now, while running a wine-importing business in Mayo at the same time. Below are some of their incredible wines to choose from.

Read More about Roka Winery

Roka Furmint 2018

Stajerska, Slovenia
Rich peach fruits balanced perfectly by a backbone of mineral acidity, finishing bone dry.
Uncertified Organic, Natural 13%, €25

Roka Laški Riesling 2018

Stajerska, Slovenia
Enticing floral aromas with elegant pure apricot and pear fruits and a crisp dry finish.
Uncertified Organic, Natural 13%, €25


Roka Blaufränkisch 2018

Stajerska, Slovenia
Silky plums and red cherries with a lovely savoury mineral edge that gives it real focus.
Uncertified Organic, Natural 12.5%, €25